Illegal Underage Sex

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In many countries the law is very specific about illegal underage sex which basically says the act of sex underage is stachatory rape. Adults influencing younger women and men to have sex before the age of sixteen or eighteen years old can and will be charge once they are caught for this terrible act. The same law applies to children that are both under the legal age however in these cases often the punishment is not as sever because they are charged in a juvenile court of law.

One thing can be certain, young men and women have the choice to say no to sex at any age and when they come of age this does not mean that they are necessarily ready for sexual intercourse. Being physically and mentally ready for the act of sex is something that all people have the right to wait for which in many cases are what the laws are introduced for. Many people choose to be celibate until they are married while others chose to have sexual relations before they are of age. The choice is personal however these choices can have consequences which often affect the adult rather than the teenager.

In some countries around the world there are no laws regarding the legal age of sex and some religions give rights to sexual privileges to women and men who are not ready for this type of encounter. Even though the laws do not prevent this type of treatment happening to these innocent children the common word for this is still rape because more often than not the teenagers and even children have no choice. Illegal underage sex is common in society however for the most part these cases are not recorded.

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