Underage Sex Offenders

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Philip Albert was one of the first cases of where a person was legally labelled as a sex offender due to ‘sexting’. Sexting is when a person spreads inappropriate images of people under the age of 18. In Philip’s case he sent an email containing nude images of his girlfriend to more then 70 people, including her parents and teachers. This was reported to the police and resulted in him getting a 5 year probation jail sentence and having to go on the sex offenders register. Philips will also carry the label of a sex offender for 20 years. This means he has bans restricting what areas he can work in, it is sure to have had personal ramifications too.

Sexting laws are in place to protect underage women and men from inappropriate conduct. This case teaches people lot about what is deemed inappropriate, as even though Philips previously dated the girl, it would still be classed a s illegal if they had any sexual relations, due to the girls age. It is also a lesson to many young women out there, try to avoid having images taken of you when you are nude. it has happened time and time again, even with famous celebrities, whereby images are taken and used as blackmail by ex-partners. This case also shows us that it is not just the act of having relation with a minor that can get you on the sex offenders register, but also by spreading inappropriate information or images abut them. Emails or text messages can be stored and used as evidence against offenders.

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