Facts about underage sex

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The main thing to know about underage sex is that in just about all countries around the world it is illegal and carries a prison term. This however does not stop sex offenders from striking very frequently and the news and media is always full of stories about child molesters, children porn and child sex slavery. These facts make you wonder how disturbing a world is when underage sex is such a frequent occurrence though the law enforcers do as much as they can to control and stop these offences.

Generally speaking it is the males that are chasing younger women to get their thrills and because of the way the world is today often the girls often comply for a variety of reasons. Some young girls think that getting paid or being bribed with alcohol or drugs is a good enough reason to start having sex at an early age but they are most likely unaware of the dangers involved with sex at such an early age. Most countries hold an age limit of 16 years or 18 years of age and anyone caught under this age must have the consent of the parents or legal guardians. Many young girls are pressured into having underage sex by boyfriends and it is imperative that they are taught how to say no so that they can save themselves a lot of future pain and anguish.

Underage sex can lead to many problems in later life. Sexual intercourse at an early age can be the cause of cervical cancer. Women under the age of 15 years are at a higher risk of miscarriage and at that age are also at risk themselves of dying because of the trauma. Sex education in many countries is started when the children reach their early teenage years. The debate still goes on whether this is too young for teens to learn about sex however the old rule of prevention rather than cure is still a good argument.

Some of the big dangers of underage sex are teen pregnancy, not only because the girl’s body is not ready to cope with pregnancy but also because often at this age they are not responsible enough to look after a child. Income for keeping the child feed and clothed can also be a major problem when young couples or women on their own get pregnant. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are another common problem with underage sex because often the people involved are not wise enough to know about proper protection. Pulling out before ejaculation does not work at all, in fact if you ejaculate on a woman yet have not penetrated her there is still a chance that the sperm will swim into their desired home. Underage sex has many complications and should be discussed meaningfully without pressure before the event.

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Female contraception and underage sex

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One of the biggest life choices for young women these days is deciding if and when they are ready for their first sexual encounter. Being prepared for this big step is something that some women sometimes neglect or even expect the man to do such as buying condoms. The problems with relying on someone else is that it is always better to be self reliant in the majority of cases because then you know the job will be done. Deciding what type of contraception to use can be a difficult choice in this very competitive market however one device designed for women stands out in the crowd. The Generic Yasmin brand of female contraception has been proving itself for several years and has been available online for just as long.

The Generic Yasmin brand of contraception is designed to prevent pregnancy before it happens though it is not designed to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Combined with the use of condoms these two forms of contraception are your best bet for preventing pregnancy and reducing the chances of receiving and spreading a sexually transmitted disease. Young ladies that are preparing for their first sexual encounter must first be aware of the limitations of this contraceptive device such as the amount of time it takes to begin working. The Generic Yasmin contraception should not be taken with alcohol or other drugs nor should it be used if you have existing medical problems such as blood clots, diabetes, organ diseases or if you are breast-feeding.

Taking one of the final steps in a youth relationship such as becoming sexually active can have many consequences and should be considered with a lot of care and thought. Being prepared is the best measure you can take however if you are underage you must also think about how this will effect your body and consider the lawful consequences of your actions. Deciding that you are ready for your first sexual encounter can be one of the most exciting decisions of your life and you will be even happier when you can honestly say that you have done everything you can to prepare for the occasion. Generic Yasmin is like many other female contraceptive pills and should be used with precaution and care. Don’t let something as trivial as misreading the directions spoil what might be a wonderful part of your life’s adventures.

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Condoms and Practicing Safe Underage Sex

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Have you been thinking about taking the next step in your relationship however there is pressure from all around you causing confusion. Your fiends might be telling you to go for it and start having sex while your parents and teachers are telling you to wait until you are older. The fact is that in all cases of relationships the only people who know if they are ready for sex are the people in that relationship even when they are underage. This can mean that legally you are not meant to have sex and technically you should always obey the law but in some cases parents consent is a way around these laws.

The first consent that you really need to think about is your own plus naturally your partners. At the time that you both decide you are ready to take the sexual plunge then being prepared is always the best start. Condoms are safe for two main reasons and both of these are important which is why you should where a condom with the partner that you have sex with. Unless you want to get pregnant you should have a condom as protection because the good brands are up to 99% effective in stopping pregnancy. Don’t think for a minute that because it is your first time that she won’t get pregnant; statistically she most likely will without any form of protection.

The second reason for wearing a condom during a sexual encounter is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Even if you are still a virgin your partner may not be and just because they say they are is no reason not to be precautious. An alarmingly high percentage of sexually active teenagers get a disease within the first few encounters of their relationship however had they been using a Condoms this may have been prevented.

Yes, it is true that taking the next step is a big thing to think about and you should really consider both the options as well as the consequences. Purchasing a small box of condoms will help to relieve some of the pressure of the consequences however you must still consider that this is not a game and even though sex can be very pleasurable, for many people around the world sex comes with difficult and even devastating effects. Be safe and responsible because it is not just your life that changes after your first encounter with sex and if you are not careful then there could be a third person you unwillingly involve.

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Friend Finder – helping like minded people find potential partners

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Looking for the right partner can be a difficult challenge to get started on especially when you are still young and are not sure what you want in life or in love. Falling in love with the first person that you meet is not something that you should plan to do because often you will need to meet many people before you find the right person for you. Using online dating sites is one way of meeting many people from the safety of your own home and with a large network like Friend Finder you will have plenty of choices for people to meet.

Getting to know somebody before you enter a relationship with them is a fundamental part of learning who they are and will help the relationship off to a good start. Spend some time online with Friend Finder and talk to the girls and guys that you think you would like to meet in person, then make the next move and ask them out on a date. For the young teenagers who chose to use this site as a means of meeting more people whether that be for friendship or to meet that certain somebody remember that this site is for meeting other like minded people and not all about jumping into bed with them right away.

Some people are off the opinion that sites like Friend Finder are full of sexual predators or men looking for young women to prey on. This is not a fact at all and the good people at Friend Finder do a great job of making sure that the people on their service are real people looking to meet others just like you. There are ways of making sure that you are talking to people your own age such as chatting about music, TV shows and other teenage topics. If the person on the other end of the chat has been caught out telling you lies then you can stop talking to them and even report their profile to the Friend Finder administration.

Have fun online making new friends and finding people who enjoy the same things that you do for recreation and entertainment. There are literally hundreds and even thousands of people online who would love to make a friend like you so sign up today for free and start meeting new friends. You can click on the links on this page or go through the advertising along the sides that will take you to the free sign up page for Friend Finder.

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Illegal Underage Sex

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In many countries the law is very specific about illegal underage sex which basically says the act of sex underage is stachatory rape. Adults influencing younger women and men to have sex before the age of sixteen or eighteen years old can and will be charge once they are caught for this terrible act. The same law applies to children that are both under the legal age however in these cases often the punishment is not as sever because they are charged in a juvenile court of law.

One thing can be certain, young men and women have the choice to say no to sex at any age and when they come of age this does not mean that they are necessarily ready for sexual intercourse. Being physically and mentally ready for the act of sex is something that all people have the right to wait for which in many cases are what the laws are introduced for. Many people choose to be celibate until they are married while others chose to have sexual relations before they are of age. The choice is personal however these choices can have consequences which often affect the adult rather than the teenager.

In some countries around the world there are no laws regarding the legal age of sex and some religions give rights to sexual privileges to women and men who are not ready for this type of encounter. Even though the laws do not prevent this type of treatment happening to these innocent children the common word for this is still rape because more often than not the teenagers and even children have no choice. Illegal underage sex is common in society however for the most part these cases are not recorded.

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Underage Preteen Sex

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Most preteens have not yet reached sexual maturity, which usually occurs between the ages of twelve and fifteen. 

If you are a girl, you will know you are becoming sexually mature when your breasts start to develop. Other signs include hair growth under your arms and in your pubic area, and the beginning of your monthly menstrual period.

If you are a boy, you will notice your scrotum and penis enlarging. Your voice will deepen. Like girls, you will also experience hair growth under the arms and in the pubic area.

According to the Kinsey Institute, most teens in the United States do not report having sex for the first time until they are between sixteen and seventeen years old. This age is slightly younger for Black teens and slightly older for Asian-American teens. 

Just because most preteens do not have sexual intercourse doesn’t mean you don’t have sexual feelings. At one time or another, most preteens engage in experimentation and sex play with both same-sex and opposite-sex friends. This can include looking at, touching, and exploring each other’s bodies. This type of curiosity is natural, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it or embarrassed by it.

A word of caution: There are some adults who initiate sexual contact with preteens. They are called pedophiles, and they are always bad news, no matter how nice they seem to be. It is illegal for an adult to have sex with a kid. If an adult tries to touch you in a sexual way, say no and tell a trusted parent, teacher, or other authority figure what has happened.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with other kids your own age. There is something very wrong with an adult trying to take advantage of your inexperience to gratify his or her own sexual needs.

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Underage Sex Statistics

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The key to knowledge on any subject is to have reliable and simple to understand information that can be used to help you make your own conclusions. However, with all of the abstinence websites that clutter the internet and all of the inappropriate websites that you’re likely to encounter when searching for information to better understand different aspects of sex at a young age, there is little hope in finding quality information. That is where this article comes in, I have done the research that you will need to understand different aspects of sexual relationships.

First and foremost, sex is a personal decision and it shouldn’t be pressured on anyone. Most young sexual relationships begin with peer pressure and, as a result, mistakes and hard feelings about sex are brought about. Second, it’s important to realize that nearly half of all STD’s are caught between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four. This is because this is the age at which most people are experimenting with multiple partners. Third, it is important to remember to always use a condom, not just for intercourse, but for oral sex as well. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% of teens having sex have actually had intercourse, whereas roughly 50% of all teens have engaged in oral sex. This means that there is a higher chance for STD’s to be transmitted via oral sex than they were even just a decade ago.

Finally, it is important to remember that sex has consequences. The most drastic are lethal diseases (HIV) and pregnancy. Fortunately, more and more teens are using condoms and there has been at least a 17% rise in the last ten years of teens having protected sex. If you’re a parent, remember that sex is unavoidable and education is key. If you’re a teen, remember to protect yourself and your partner so that you can enjoy sex with your partner later in life.

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Underage Sex Laws

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The complications of relationship matters between teenagers and sex are always something to be careful with. There are several underage sex laws which come into play within both State and Federal jurisdictions. In many places, having sex with anyone under a certain age (which is determined by the State) could be charged under statutory rape laws, even if the younger teenager had consented to the sex with the older teenager or anyone else for that matter. The process of finding out what laws are in effect in your State are simple and only require you to do some simple research.

Research can easily be done at your State’s government website where you can find information about sex laws which are effective within the State. Federal laws will have a wider and more encompassing focus on certain aspects of the law which could supersede the outline of the State law when a case is taken to a higher court. Statutory rape really depends on each state where it may be handled as a misdemeanor to even a criminal felony. Charges of this type can lead to a lifetime of being labeled as a sex offender as well as having to register with the sex offender listing no matter where you live in the United States.

One of the examples in media which can further explore the issue is the motion picture: “Jailbait”. This motion picture is a story about a senior in high school which is involved with a younger high school student. They end up being sexually active and he impregnates her. A woman who is running for the position of Judge finds out about this case and accuses the young man who got the girl pregnant of statutory rape just to get the vote from people who sees her as someone with moral fiber.

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Underage Sex Offenders

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Philip Albert was one of the first cases of where a person was legally labelled as a sex offender due to ‘sexting’. Sexting is when a person spreads inappropriate images of people under the age of 18. In Philip’s case he sent an email containing nude images of his girlfriend to more then 70 people, including her parents and teachers. This was reported to the police and resulted in him getting a 5 year probation jail sentence and having to go on the sex offenders register. Philips will also carry the label of a sex offender for 20 years. This means he has bans restricting what areas he can work in, it is sure to have had personal ramifications too.

Sexting laws are in place to protect underage women and men from inappropriate conduct. This case teaches people lot about what is deemed inappropriate, as even though Philips previously dated the girl, it would still be classed a s illegal if they had any sexual relations, due to the girls age. It is also a lesson to many young women out there, try to avoid having images taken of you when you are nude. it has happened time and time again, even with famous celebrities, whereby images are taken and used as blackmail by ex-partners. This case also shows us that it is not just the act of having relation with a minor that can get you on the sex offenders register, but also by spreading inappropriate information or images abut them. Emails or text messages can be stored and used as evidence against offenders.

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Young Women Need to Make Informed Decisions

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No matter what age you are, there are many factors that should be considered when you are thinking about having sex. Emotional considerations shouldn’t ever be taken lightly as these are experiences that you will hinge your sexual life on from that point forward. In many cases, a bonding between the two people involved occurs because of the physical intimacy and the emotional bonding that takes place from the release of chemicals that are released before, during and after sex.

Another consideration, for all parties involved, is what kind of birth control is available to you to use. Even if you plan on using condoms during sex, a secondary birth control can prevent pregnancy in the event that the condom breaks or comes off. There are several ways to go about obtaining birth control and in many states you don’t have to tell your parents if you are over the age of consent (between 13 and 18 depending on the state). By taking the steps to prevent an unplanned pregnancy you can preserve your quality of life as well as the quality of life for your eventual children by waiting until you are better able to care for them.

No matter what your choices are when it comes to sex, it’s important to educate yourself and to make sure your partner does so as well. Knowledge is what will make the whole experience one that you will enjoy remembering when you’re older; otherwise you may regret it for the rest of your life. Also, never let someone pressure you into sex, it’s your body and therefore your choice; you are the only one that can decide if you are ready for the emotional and physical bonding experiences that will take place when you have sex.

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Negative cause for underage sex

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The real dangers of having underage sex have been apparent for many years although many young men and women are still risking their lives and having sex to early. Reported cases of 11 and 12 year old girls being sexually active or even pregnant is one that has shocked many people around the world. Some of the religions state that sex with your young wives is solely up to the husband to determine however the dangers have not gone away even if you are married.

The risks of being pregnant at a young age are very high and the death toll for this has only slightly improved with modern medicine. The fact is that the woman’s body was not designed to carry a child to term when she in under the age of 15. Cancers and sexually transmitted infections also are a common problem with underage sex and normally the participants are not knowledgeable to practice safe sex either.

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